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Newport Cigarette Commercial #4

Topics commercial

A television commercial for Newport cigarettes.

Run time 0:01:00
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: pkkms - - May 11, 2012
Subject: Funny Cigarettes
People jumping out of his set while Harry puffs away? Say- what exactly was in that cigarette????
Reviewer: Kyleco - - September 8, 2010
Subject: Same Woman
If you look closely at the wife coming down the stairs, you'll see that its the same actress who's playing the woman from the television.
Reviewer: mjdemar - - May 13, 2010
Subject: ????!?!?!
Why cant i download this video. it just takes me to the video and lets me watch it when i click the links on the left??? can someone please help me
Reviewer: Robin_1990 - - February 18, 2008
Subject: Excellent Commercial
I'm not a smoker, But I really enjoyed this commercial. Great concept combined with catchy jingle make this worth downloading. Thanks Rick for preserving it!
Reviewer: ERD - - May 15, 2006
Subject: Catchy but dangerous
Lots of catchy cigarette commercials were made like this one in the 1960's. Too bad they influenced so many to smoke,eventually causing them to pay the consequences of different degrees of bad health. In time it will become historically interesting.
Reviewer: mjwise - - April 16, 2005
Subject: Nice Commercial
Too bad it has to promote a deadly product. The special effect works to even greater effect considering how drably the living room is furnished.

Highly recommended.


* That blonde might be hot in a 60's sort of way but I have the suspicion she was none too bright either. Notice at the end of the commercial how she's apparently supposed to be pointing to the pack of cigarettes in her other hand. And instead....she's pointing AT her other hand with an incredibly stupid smile on her face.

* Harry's wife looks like she dresses herself in tablecloth fabric, but she's actually not all that bad herself.
Reviewer: Karma Hawk - - April 6, 2005
Subject: "If you buy our product beutiful people will jump out of your television and into your living room"
This commercial features a gentlemen that fell asleep while watching TV he wakes up just in time for a couple (which includes one hot girl) leap out of the TV, the hot girl gives him a cigarette and lites it, then his wife calls out for the man so the pretty people jump back into the TV. Recomended
Reviewer: eclipse - - February 27, 2005
Subject: Newport #4
I love these corny ads from the sixties. The living room looks like noone has ever lived there.
Reminded me of the old "Hazel" set. Clothes are as
drab as the ones the cast of "My Three Sons" wore.
The jingle works; it will stay in your head whether you like it or not. Funny how you rarely, if ever, see a 60 second commercial anymore.
Reviewer: MikeBrew77 - - January 29, 2005
Subject: HARRY
HARRY!!! What are you DOING down there? Are you cavorting with that loose woman from the cigarette commercial again? I swear Harry - you tell that little tramp to get back into the TV set right this instant or I'll have a migraine so bad you won't be able to touch me for a month!!!
Reviewer: Marysz - - December 9, 2004
Subject: Smoother all the way to the cemetary
A young couple in a Newport cigarette television commercial jump out of the screen and offer middle-aged viewer Harry a cigarette. The girl sits on the armrest of HarryÃÂs easy chair in an alluring way. An insinuating male voice sings, ÃÂNewport tastes smoother, smoother all the way!ÃÂ This happy threesome is interrupted by HarryÃÂs unsuspecting wife, who calls out ÃÂHarry! WhatÃÂs going on?ÃÂ The commercial ends with Harry happily puffing away as the girl gives him a conspiratorial wink from the TV screen.

Where will she be when Harry gets lung cancer or emphysema? Will she and her boyfriend jump back out of the TV to take care of him? Fat chance. SheÃÂll be frolicking away in TV land while HarryÃÂs wife and kids watch him waste away and hope Harry kept up with the payments on his life insurance policy.
Reviewer: cashel - - December 7, 2003
Subject: tv ad
Expensive television commercial produced by very talented people. Archives are to be commended for preserving such maaterial..If in the future, similar advertising parasites try to market their poison, we can produce this item and say NEVER AGAIN. This ad shows a bored prosperous man who sees a seductive blonde jump out of his tv set and hand him a packet of drugs. Saying hello to his wife, he settles back in his comfortable chair to enjoy his smoke gift. Final scene, his blonde friend waves seductively from the tv screen
Reviewer: Spuzz - - December 7, 2003
Subject: One of the best cigarette commercials ever!
This is SUCH a great commericial. A catchy song, beautiful ladies, and one hell of a special effect that totally surprises you when you see it, because it totally fools you into believing it was something else. I loved it and this is a MUST SEE on this site!
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